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Inventor Fuzzywig

All across Canada, Inventor Fuzzywig will be making appearances in summer programs. For information about scheduling a Zoom club in English or to learn more, visit

Does Inventor Fuzzywig speak French? Yes! From July 6 through August 7, we'll be adding half hour videos to our YouTube channel and Facebook feed. We'll also have a website for the families who are participating in the program, giving them lots of ideas for inventions, crafts, activities and more. If you'd like information about the French club program, click here (in French only).

Boy with ipadNew online resources for kids!

COVID-19—Click here for a collection of resources to help kids during this challenging time.

Child Evangelism Fellowship® is an international organization that cares about children. We work to share the wonderful message of the Gospel with each child, so that they can know God and develop a personal relationship with Him.

In these difficult times, CEF Quebec wants to be a resource for parents and churches and help you as you invest in the spiritual education of your children.

CEF international is hosting a weekly Good News Club online. The first weekly 30-minute video was posted to their YouTube Channel U-NITE on March 20. Check it out on

CEF Quebec is also hosting a club in French. Kids will enjoy short videos of Bible lessons, object lessons, verses, songs, a missionary history and skits. Activity sheets are available to download and print. In this program, we’re taking the kids on a treasure hunt! But we're not searching for just any treasure. We're searching for the treasures found in God’s Word! We are excited to invite all children to participate in this treasure hunt adventure, "Les chasseurs de Trésors"!

Click here to begin the adventure!

Stuck at home devotionalThis Stuck at home devotional book is a gift to you from Child Evangelism Fellowship® and is designed to help kids around the world deal with challenges they may be facing during this difficult time.

Click here to learn more.

Pray for North Korea

Around the globe, children in Good News Club hear the Good News about Jesus and are discipled in the Word of God. But it’s illegal to share the Gospel in North Korea. Child Evangelism Fellowship is asking children worldwide to pray God will make a way for boys and girls in North Korea to learn about Jesus through Good News Club. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

Will you pray and help get millions of boys and girls to pray for the children of North Korea? Remember, this is about prayer, not politics. Put a card in the hands of children at Good News Club, 5-Day Club, in churches and other places.

Reese Kauffman
President of Child Evangelism Fellowship

Click here to download printable cards to hand out to children in English and French.

Contact us to order bracelets and cards to hand out to children.
(.50$ for a card and a rubber wristband in English, .30$ for a card and a rubber wristband in French.)

Pray for North Korea

Be encouraged!

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